Woodley vs Jake Paul live stream: TV channel, fight time, PPV price & Updates info

Here is exciting news for boxing fans. Jake Paul has decided to face a challenge with former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. This news came to light from Mike Coppinger of Boxing Insider. Paul signed a contract with Showtime for pay-per-view. So, you can watch Woodley vs Jake Paul live stream on Showtime PPV.

It will be Paul’s debut performance on Showtime. Paul has previously won a fight against former UFC fighter Ben Askren in the first round. It seems he is on a mission to beat UFC champions to take the place. But Tyron Woodley will be a tough shot for Paul. Woodley was a former 170-pound MMA champion and known as the world’s best one.

Woodley vs Jake Paul live stream: TV channel, fight time, PPV price & Updates info

Jake Paul vs Woodley Fight Status and Details

If we look at Paul’s records he has gone 3-0 with three knockouts. Even being a young boxer, he has defeated AnEsonGib, Nate Robinson, and Ben Askren, winning his title. So, now Woodley will be one of his biggest challenges. He has 19 wins so far, including seven which gave him the MMA welterweight title. Paul and Woodley agreed upon fighting together during Paul’s match with Askren. This will be a tough fight for Woodley as well, to meet someone this skilled. So, this match will be top news on Showtime PPV in August.

The fight will take place on August 28, 2021. Showtime will air it at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m and the main event will be at ET / 9 p.m. PT midnight. It is said that the event will be held in Miami, Fla but the venue and schedule are yet to be disclosed by the promoters. Stay updated to get news by this week.

As mentioned before, Showtime will broadcast the match live. Paul has negotiated a multi-fight deal for the fight. You can watch it on pay-per-view and have an exciting experience. Since the announcement is still afresh, further details will update later.

This boxing bout will happen at the weight limit of 190-pounds.

Check with local cable operators and satellite providers to make a purchase right away for the PPV. Both the boxers are Americans by birth with enough skills in boxing. Fans are already making predictions about the match. Since both the fighters are still new in their career, it is hard to decide on one winner. Paul only had three matches and Woodley had a hard time with four losses recently. Perhaps, this match will be a turning point for either of the boxers.

What is Jake Paul’s Boxing Record?

Jake Paul is a YouTube star with rising stardom in the boxing world. He is doing very well as a starter with zero defeats, winning by KO or TKO. However, his opponents so far can’t be called a big challenge to make him a professional.

His first fight took place last year against British Youtuber Ali Eson Gib which he won by a TKO in the first round. Then it was retired NBA player Nate Robinson to meet him in the ring last November. Paul won that match in two rounds with a swift right hook to the chin. The last of his winning matches was with UFC’s Ben Askren.

What is Jake Paul’s Last Fight?

Jake Paul became popular after his third and last fight. He was then considered a professional boxer. Till now he has been performing for one year with three wins in all his matches. It is a wonder that he had won his matches with ease.

He last walked the ring to meet face to face with the former UFC champion Ben Askren on April 17, 2021. Paul won that match and shook the world with his single-handed blow with the right hand. He knocked down his opponent in just two minutes and won by technical knockout (TKO).

How Tall is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul’s height will be an advantage in his fight against Woodley. At present, he stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inches. He also claimed his height to be “Six Two” and “Six foot, Six one on a good day” in his videos. When he was 16 years old, his height was 5’10”.

What is Jake Paul’s Net Worth in 2021?

Jake Paul’s net worth allows him a lavish life with a mansion and expensive cars. He gained his fortune before he rose to fame in his boxing career. Currently, his net worth is around $20 Million. He earns mostly from his YouTube channel and social media sponsorship deals, including his marketing company ‘Team 10’.

What is Tyron Woodley Record?

Woodley is to date known as the best striker and UFC welterweight fighter. His skills are outstanding and won the UFC welterweight title in 2016 with seven wins. He has fought in 19 matches so far, winning most by way of knockout. His run in MMA is undefeated from 2014-18 winning against Robbie Lawler in the first-round knockout.

He was once fighting in Strikeforce with great results, before debuting in the UFC in 2013. He has won most of his matches within seconds into the event. However, recently he had been defeated in four straight fights consecutively. He then withdrew from his UFC title.

Tyron Woodley Mixed Martial Arts Career

Woodley has also expertise in Martial Arts. He debuted on February 7, 2009, as a professional against Steve Schnider. It took place at the Holiday Inn Select Executive Center, sponsored by Headhunter Productions. He won in the first round by submission. He also won the second one against Jeff Carstens on April 30, 2009.

Jake Paul vs Woodley Live Stream

Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul live stream will be available in various ways, and the first one is to watch it live in the place it will take place. Since the event is announced only a few days earlier, important news is yet to be confirmed.

In case people can’t make it to the venue, they can live stream with PPV. Showtime has confirmed to broadcast the event in the United States. This will be available in different cable and satellite providers. If you want to stream it from your house, then ensure that your local provider can sell you the PPV.

What is Showtime? How to Watch Live Streaming Jake Paul vs Woodley on Showtime PPV?

Showtime is a Sports channel that has signed a contract to stream live the Paul vs Woodley fight bout. You can watch the whole event with PPV. Purchase the event from your cable provider so that you can stream it live on Showtime at the time it will take place.

Jake Paul vs Woodley Live Stream: Fight Time, PPV Price, and How to Watch in The US

The event is scheduled to take place on August 28, 2021. Showtime will start PPV at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT in the United States. The fighters will walk the ring at midnight around ET / 9 p.m. PT. It is said that the venue will be in Miami Florida, but there is no confirmed news. So, it will be a while before you can know about the ticket price.

You can stream it live on Showtime and also traditional cable and satellite services in the United States. However, the PPV is not decided but based on the previous fight it might be around $49.99.

Jake Paul vs Woodley Live Stream: UK Time and How to Watch The Fight Online in The UK

No channels have confirmed to broadcast the event in the UK yet. Any channel that will stream it will do it via PPV at a cost of around £35.37. If it takes place on the east coast, the time might be between 03:00 am and 04:00 am BST time. On the west coast, it might between 05:00 am and 06:00 am BST time.

How to Live Stream Jake Paul vs Woodley and Watch The Fight Online in Canada

People from Canada can also stream live the whole event from Showtime. If it is available in the local cable providers, then they can purchase it to watch with PPV. However, the price isn’t announced yet, but it is expected to be near the price charged in the US.

How to Watch Woodley vs Jake Paul Live Fight Online in Australia

Since it will start in the evening on August 28, 2021, it will be Sunday, August 29 in Australia. The show may start late in the morning here. But no broadcaster from Australia has confirmed to live stream the event yet. There is a chance that Fite.TV will announce something later. So the details about PPV aren’t decided.

How to Watch Jake Paul vs Woodley Fight Online: Live Stream in New Zealand

The event might take place in New Zealand around the same time it can be watched in Australia. For PPV you have to wait for further details. But if your local provider can offer channels like ESPN, DAZN, or even Showtime that will live stream the event then you can purchase it. For viewers outside the US, this is a cheaper alternative.

How to Watch Jake Paul vs Woodley Live Fight From Anywhere?

If you are outside the countries that will live stream PPV, then you need to stream the event online. There are many sports apps and websites where you can subscribe with a fee to live stream. You can also search YouTube TV or similar other video sites, or simply use VPN.

Use VPN to Streaming The Fight

Perhaps the best option to stream online is by using VPN. This will allow you to change your IP address to a location keeping your information encrypted. To watch this fight subscribe to iProVPN for getting a reliable service. Using VPN, you can easily stream online from anywhere without any problems accessing it.

Jake Paul vs Woodley: Price and PPV Details

Since the venue isn’t decided yet, no details are announced about the tickets. However, the ticket price could be around $300 up to several thousand depending on the seats. You may find tickets through Ticketmaster, Stubhub, Box. Live or from the venue. The PPV might be priced at $49.99. Keep updated for more details.

How Can I Watch Jake Paul vs Woodley Live Stream Free Online?

Live stream with PPV is available on Showtime. But to watch it for free, you need to watch it a day after the live stream. You can check streaming services like FITE TV online, DAZN, YouTube TV, or any reliable VPN service to live stream for free. This will also be available on different mobile and smart TV streaming apps.

Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul Live Stream Free on Reddit

Reddit is another option to stream live online for free without any buffering. Here you can search subreddits relating to the Paul vs Woodley fight. You can also get other links for live streams. People connect on Reddit to help each other find useful links for any fight for free.

How to watch Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Fight Live on Your Favorite Devices

You can also stream live the whole event from streaming apps or websites on any of your devices. All you have to do is subscribe to any of these services with a fee. Then you can download the apps or open the sites to stream online. These apps are available in all kinds of smart devices like mobile, laptop, pc, tabs, etc. Search for apps like Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV Stick 4K from Amazon, Fite TV, or even YouTube TV.

Final Words

Now that you have enough news, stay tuned to learn more about Jake Paul vs Woodley Live Stream. Even with the little information, fans are already excited. The betting odds have already started. It is difficult to guess who will win because both of them are equally having some advantages. All we can do now is wait for the final card of the match.

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