Taliban supreme leader tells new govt to uphold sharia law

Akhundzada’s public profile has largely been limited to the release of messages during Islamic holidays, but the group has shed some light on his whereabouts following its takeover of Afghanistan

The Taliban’s cryptic preeminent pioneer on Tuesday advised the recently delegated government to maintain sharia law, in his first message since the hardline development cleared to control.

“I guarantee every one of the comrades that the figures will buckle down towards maintaining Islamic standards and sharia law in the country,” Hibatullah Akhundzada, who has never been found in broad daylight, said in an assertion delivered in English.

Akhundzada disclosed to Afghans that the new initiative would guarantee “enduring harmony, thriving and advancement”, adding that “individuals ought make an effort not to leave the country”.

“The Islamic Emirate generally approves of anybody,” he said.

“All will partake in fortifying the framework and Afghanistan and thusly, we will remake our conflict torn country.”

Akhundzada’s public profile has generally been restricted to the arrival of messages during Islamic occasions, however the gathering has revealed some insight into his whereabouts following its takeover of Afghanistan.

“He is available in Kandahar,” Taliban representative Zabihullah Mujahid said after they held onto power.

One more representative had said Akhundzada was because of show up “soon”.

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