Make tennis at Devonshire Park more accessible

As the cameras roll away and the crowds go home, what is the future of this jewel in the crown of Devonshire Park?

As a sport the LTA is a very wealthy organisation. For most people and the clubs are far too expensive in Eastbourne for families.

Very few people have had the opportunity to play on Devonshire Park’s hallowed grass.

There has been a great campaign led by Ken Pollock to make Devonshire Park tennis more accessible for the club and public.

The council seem to have ignored this, for many times over the years the Devonshire Park seems empty.

Especially in a time when we are coming out of lockdown, sport is a positive outlet!

One club stands above others to foster grass roots (no pun intended) tennis at an affordable price, and that is Set 2 Win, with a little help from the LTA.

Based in Old Town Rec, and led by the charismatic Craig Wells, this organisation provides good coaching for a mixed age group.

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