GHS building new tennis courts

If you’ve driven by the Goldendale High School lately, you may have noticed some changes happening where the tennis courts usually are. The district noticed the decline in the quality of the courts over the years and decided it was time to go out with the old and in with the new. Cracks, weeds, and other damage all have helped to make the decision to build new tennis courts for the school and community to use.

The old asphalt-based tennis courts were built in 1978 and were fixable for a while, but due to the amount of damage, it was time to invest in starting from scratch. The district made the choice to rebuild and has been setting aside savings for this project for three years now. Upon closer investigation of the courts, the cracks and other damages caused by water and moisture under them were found as deep as 8 feet. The moisture under the courts cause it to expand and contract with changing weather. To help prevent this from happening again, more rock and a drainage field are being added to keep the water from sitting.

The district contracted the construction of the new courts through King County Directors Association, who have brought in Beynon Tennis and Track to help. The company has built tracks and tennis courts all over the United States and even internationally. One of their 30 fully trained installation crews will spend about three to four weeks rebuilding the site to play tennis and pickle ball. The team will utilize the latest industry standards to bring what they call the latest and greatest of courts.

The project bid was put in at about $380,000 and is on track to be finished by the established deadline. The recent monster heat has affected them a little, but only by two days. We should see new courts fairly soon.

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