Global Covid-19 caseload tops 221.8m

The worldwide Covid caseload has topped 221.8 million, while the passings have flooded to more than 4.58 million and inoculations took off to over 5.52 billion, as per the Johns Hopkins University.

In its most recent update on Wednesday morning, the University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) uncovered that the current worldwide caseload is 221,868,505, loss of life remains at 4,585,508 and inoculation count ascends to 5,527,333,621.

The US keeps on being the most exceedingly awful hit country with the world’s most elevated number of cases and passings at 40,279,567 and 650,511 individually, as indicated by the CSSE.

As far as diseases, India continues in the second spot with 33,058,843 cases.

The other most noticeably terrible nations with more than 3 million cases are Brazil (20,914,237), the UK (7,089,051), Russia (6,946,922 ), France (6,938,866), Turkey (6,542,624), Argentina (5,211,801), Iran (5,184,124), Colombia (4,921,410), Spain (4,892,640), Italy (4,574,787), Indonesia (4,133,433), Germany (4,039,667) and Mexico (3,449,295), the CSSE figures showed.

As far as passings, Brazil comes next with 584,108 fatalities.

Countries with a loss of life of more than 100,000 are India (441,042), Mexico (264,541), Peru (198,523), Russia (185,447), Indonesia (137,156), the UK (133,808), Italy (129,638), Colombia (125,378), France (115,680), Argentina (112,851) and Iran (111,892).

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