Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley start time: Live stream, PPV price, TV channel, how to watch the fight

It was recently advertised on social media that Tyron Woodley would be fighting Jake Paul. Considering that both of these individuals have a huge fan base, the news of this boxing match is quite the hype.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming fight including the history of each fighter, date, venue, location, and streaming services to tune into.

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley start time: Live stream, PPV price, TV channel, how to watch the fight

Jake Paul vs Woodley Live Stream Free Overview

Date: Aug 29, 2021
Time: 9:00 PM ET
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Live Stream: PPV

Jake Paul is an internet celebrity, American Youtuber, and now a professional boxer. Up till now, he has faced a Youtuber, a former MMA champion, and an NBA player. With his fight with Tyron Woodley, a former MMA champion, he aims to take the next step in his boxing career.

Even though Jake Paul remains undefeated and he did beat Ben Askren by KO in the first round, Woodley might be his most challenging opponent by far. So Jake’s professional boxing career is riding a lot on this fight.

Jake’s confidence might be high but with Woodley, he can’t afford to be complacent. As Woodley is a professional mixed martial artist. In UFC 201 he defeated Robbie Lawler and became the UFC Welterweight Champion. He went on to retain his titles four times, impressive right!

Tyron Woodley has been a professional since 2009. Over the years, he competed at strikeforce, became a two-time Big 12 Conference and two-time All American champion. Plus he was an NCAA Divison I collegiate wrestler for Missouri Tigers. So as you can see, he has got quite the portfolio.

Even though Paul has gone 3-0 with three knockouts in his short boxing career, Woodly is by far the best. During the UFC welterweight career, Woodly had seven of 19 wins from a knockout. I think that would give you a general idea of why this competition is much awaited.

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Fight Date and Venue

The fight came together when Woodley and Paul were involved in a backstage run-in. This was before Paul left to fight with Askren.

Immediately after that Tyron Woodly called Jack out for a fight, Jack accepted. Even though the fight between the two was announced at the beginning of June, no date or venue was revealed. However, at least this part of the equation is now resolved.

Here’s the grand announcement:

The Former UFC welterweight champion and social media influencer turned boxer will fight on Aug 29, 2021 (Saturday) in Miami.

The venue is still unknown but will be announced at Tuesday’s press conference in Los Angeles.

Watch Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley on Showtime PPV

The pay-per-view will be broadcasted on Showtime at 8 pm ET/ 9 pm PT, so set your alarms. The main event is expected to start when both the fighters make their way to the ring, which will happen around midnight ET. So if you are just interested in the climax, just tune in then.

Ad this event is available via pay-per-view through satellite providers and cable, so you will have to check in with your local provider.

If you aren’t much fan of the traditional satellite services or cable, then refer to the Showtime streaming service. Jack had ended his contract with the entertainment platform Triller and shortly after, he signed up with Showtime. Thus that is the streaming service you will have to use to watch the fight.

Currently, Showtime is offering a 30-days free trial. So if you don’t have the subscription already, you can make the most out of this offer. After the first 30-days, you just have to pay $10.99/ month. Plus, you can unsubscribe anytime with ease.

A cheaper alternative is Showtime PPV. The price for the current fight hasn’t been announced but when Jack and Ben fought in April Showtime offered PPV at the price of $49.99. So you can expect to pay something similar.

How to get Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Tickets

With there being no official venue as of the moment, thus information about the tickets is not yet available.

In addition, there is no information about how much the tickets will cost or how many will be available. All of this will depend on the venue chosen and its seating capacity.

Obviously, seats that will be closer to the ring will be priced higher than the seats that will be located further away.

If you are planning to attend, let us inform you that the tickets will range from around $300 to several thousand. You can grab tickets from the usual outlets:


Venue’s box office

Tickets will go on sale to the general public soon after the venue is officially announced. So hang on to your wallet, guys.

Final Words

The 24-year-old Jack Paul has demonstrated some solid boxing abilities over his short tenure as a professional fighter. Nevertheless, he has yet to face a foe as skilled as Woodley.

Meanwhile, 39-year-old Woodley has had a super impressive run in MMA, including his undefeated stretch from the year 2014-18. But lately, Woodley has fallen on tough times; he has had four straight losses and is no longer associated with UFC. Watch Jake Paul vs Woodley Live Stream Online

Both fighters have restored to media time and again to talk trash about the other. So all the heated rivalry will finally come to an end on Aug 28.

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