Racer Golf has great appearance at 85th Irvin Cobb Championship

Murray State men’s golf had 15 players consolidated of current and previous players contending at Paxton Park Golf Course in Paducah.

Murray State men’s golf senior Quinn Eaton and approaching green bean, Kamaren Cunningham drove the Racers throughout the end of the week at the 85th Irvin Cobb Championship at Paxton Park Golf Course in Paducah.

Eaton, from Benton, and Cunningham, an approaching green bean from Stewart County High School in Dover, Tennessee, each checked a first cycle 3-under 68 to complete in a tie for third spot in the field of 64 beginner players. Sunday’s last round was down-poured out for simply the fourth time in occasion history to make the occasion settled on Saturday’s initially round scores.

Other current Racers and completions remembered Tyler Powell for 10th spot with a score of 74 and Tyler Abernathy in eighteenth spot with a 84.

Every year, the Cobb Championship has become a homecoming occasion in which a few previous Racers get back to association and play.

Previous Racers and their beginner division completes included Josh Rhodes (66) in runner up, Chris Griffin (70) and Hunter York (70) in fifth spot, while Jamie Frazier (76) set eleventh. Larry Joe Seay (77) was in twelfth spot, Daniel Taylor (78) was in thirteenth spot and Cole Manion (79) put fourteenth.

There were four previous Racers in the expert division competing for the primary spot prize of $8,000. Murray State Hall of Famer Patrick Newcomb won with a 7-under 64, his third untouched Cobb Championship title in the wake of winning in 2015 and 2016. Other previous Racers in the expert division remembered individual Hall of Famer Nick Newcomb for eighth spot with a 71, Duncan McCormick (73) in tenth spot and Gabe Wheeler (74) in eleventh spot.

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