Killingly proceeds with uncommon golf custom

Golf players consistently recall the day they won a title. Normally, in striking subtlety.

Kevin Marcoux experienced one of those “mystical” Sundays: a July day in 2012 when he won the renowned Norwich Invitational.

Marcoux, presently the athletic chief and golf trainer at Killingly High School, had contended in the state’s most seasoned novice competition for various years. Be that as it may, he nearly missed the 86th release.

His child, Nolan, who was 10 years of age at that point, had a Little League All Star competition that end of the week and Marcoux had an extreme choice to make: mentor his child’s ball club or play in the competition.

Nolan settled on the choice for him.

“We had a discussion and he didn’t flutter an eyelash,” Marcoux reviewed. “He said ‘I know how you love playing in the competition. Go play.’ ”

Marcoux went out and shot a 70 during Friday’s pressing factor stuffed qualifier, acquiring a spot in the Championship Flight where he rolled out four straight match play triumphs, including the last two against new UConn alums Chris DeLucia and Brett Siekierski.

During Sunday’s title match Marcoux was strolling along the seventeenth fairway and recognized his child, Nolan, whose Little League group had been dispensed with.

“He was all the while wearing his baseball uniform,” Marcoux said.

At the point when Marcoux secured the competition with an eight-foot putt on the eighteenth opening, Nolan ran up and gave him a major embrace.

“There’s an incredible image of that,” Marcoux said. “It was an extraordinary day.”

On Friday, Marcoux was back on the Norwich Golf Course again contending with a portion of the space’s top novice golf players in the 95th yearly Norwich Invitational. Marcoux’s mission for his subsequent title should pause. He missed the Championship Flight by a single shot.

“That is the thing that it comes down to in golf … a single shot here or a single shot there,” Marcoux said.

Marcoux three-putted on the fourteenth opening and got done with a 4-more than 75, which set him in Saturday’s First Bracket for match play (after press time).

“The pressing factor of Friday is consistently what we truly appreciate,” Marcoux said. “You need to play a truly strong round and shoot a decent score. Everyone tries to be in that Championship Flight and one of them is the reigning champion. So there are just 15 spots and there are 150 golf players or something like that contending.”

The late spring downpours made the course difficult on Friday.

“The scores are probably as high as possible at any point recollect,” Marcoux said. “Everybody realized the harsh would have been a main consideration and it absolutely assumed its part. The course played truly hard.”

For Marcoux, probably the greatest feature of contending in the Norwich Invite is playing with his Killingly players and alums. It has become a Killingly golf custom.

“At the point when the children come into the program I say to them this is a program where you’re not simply playing from March to June,” Marcoux said. “At the point when you graduate we need you to in any case be important for the program. They all simply needed to play together and be the awesome leave their own heritage and that remembered playing for these competitions in the late spring.”

The practice began around 2015 when Marcoux’s foursome incorporated the Aitken siblings, twins Drew and John, who helped Killingly catch the school’s first state title in 2016.

Killingly showed up from 2016-2019, including winning their subsequent state title in 2018.

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