Gearan on Golf: Gardner Municipal’s ladies’ club title to stamp 50 years

At Gardner Municipal Golf Course, while the men’s club title has arrived at an achievement number with the 85th sequential competition, the yearly ladies’ club title, simultaneously, will commend its 50th year.

It will be a brilliant commemoration for the yearly ladies’ competition on Saturday and Sunday as the contenders will tee it up more than 36 openings to decide a hero.

Elizabeth Glinski was the principal GMGC ladies’ boss back in 1972. Anita Goguen followed as the champ the following year, and Agnes Gotantas caught the 1974 title.

Regarding Celia Zoldak, Elizabeth Glinski:Donation to GMGC’s lesser golf program in memory of the sisters

Then, at that point came Patti Owen in 1975, winning the first of a competition record 12 titles over a wonderful range of a long time from 1975 to 2020. After as of late moving away from Gardner, Owen is right now not a GMGC part and won’t protect her crown this end of the week.

Yet, Owen’s gleaming title heritage merits a more critical look. Three years after her first GMGC ladies’ title, Owen, in 1978, started a line of continuous successes through 1981. She won again in 1983, at the same time, in the wake of leaving the region for a long time, didn’t continue her strength until her return in 2010. Then, at that point came three straight titles between 2012-2014, and a last accuse of triumphs in 2019 and 2020.

Wrap up of 2020:A golf season dissimilar to some other

Other eminent and capable GMGC ladies champions throughout the years remember Leona Rousseau for the 1970s, Josephine Martin, Kathleen Morris, Joanne Gerde and Jackie White from the last part of the 1970s into the mid and late 1980s.

Ellen Courtemanche vaulted into the champs’ circle in 1988. From that year through 2003, Courtemanche, a great competitor and individual from the selective Gardner High b-ball 1,000-point club, amassed nine Gardner club titles.

Other solid players and victors during the 1990s stretching out into the mid 2000s included Wendy Spuria, Ginny Reid and six-time champion Alyx LaPrise.

Starting in 2005, the skilled Joanne Catlin, who took in the game at the old Toy Town Golf Club in Winchendon, joined GMGC and ruled the ladies’ title on the Gardner joins, effectively winning five straight titles.

It ought to likewise be noticed that Catlin is the untouched driving club champion at Oak Hill Country Club in Fitchburg with an astonishing 22 triumphs.

Before Owen’s new consecutive successes, Monica Cote won in both 2015 and 2016 and Brenna LeBlanc coordinated with that rehashed achievement in 2017 and 2018.

In reality there’s a rich history of ladies’ golf at Gardner Municipal featured by numerous paramount minutes including this one which happened almost 70 years prior on Sept. 1, 1951: Loretta Lizotte made a pro on what was then a standard 3 6th opening to turn into the first-historically speaking opening in-one recorded by a lady at the neighborhood course.

Additionally, of chronicled note is that 60 years prior, Rousseau, the 1976 GMGC ladies’ boss, set the then nine-opening record for a lady with a 43 on July 10, 1961. A plaque, respecting Rousseau, sits close to the little lake before the tee markers on the course’s flow fifth opening.

Wet climate drops second round of men’s club title

The Gardner Municipal Golf Course’s men’s club title was decreased to a 54-opening issue which will be chosen this coming end of the week after Sunday’s wet climate constrained the retraction of the competition’s second round.

Heading into the last few days of play, previous top dog Bill Wilson drives the scratch division with a 3-over standard 74. Hiding intently behind, be that as it may, is reigning champ Andrew Johnson and Ryan Pasakinskas, both of whom checked a 76 on Saturday.

Tom Seward, the current year’s Delay Memorial champion, and Mike Beaulieu continue in a tie at 78 while Tyler Piascik is inside hitting distance with a 79.

Dave Noyes and Mark Landry are the innovators in the men’s debilitation division having both gotten rounds of 71, while Jeff Kallio is as of now third with a 76. Others following the pioneers incorporate Jim Muse (77), Francis Phillips (77), Joe Drouin (78), Scott Poole (78), Adam Lewis (78), Jim Diamond (79), John Billings (79) and Fred Charest (79).

Focal Mass Senior Tour Stops at GMGC

Under the authority of chief Jim DeCarolis, the CMass Senior Tour made its second of three visits to Gardner Municipal last Thursday with 128 golf players close by.

However prizes were acquired by 34 golf players in men’s flights A-F, the top focuses workers were Dan Dionne, Dennis Lanciani, Peter Brandt, Thomas Jenkins, Wayne Walker and Glenn Surkont.

Linda St. Laurent was the boss of the ladies’ division, trailed by Brenda Louney, Sue Tourigny, Mimi Overman and Brenda Heard.

Winning nearest to-the-nail challenges to a standard 3 were Nevard, Bill Smey and Tourigny.

Senior Cup standings

At the midpoint in the Central Mass. Senior Tour, here are the main 10 golf players to date in the race for the renowned Senior Cup, in light of exhibitions since the start of the period:

Jim Sweeney

Dennis Lanciani

Jeff Albert

Bounce Columbus

Charlie Kuizinas

Alby Stewart

Neil Erickson

Gary Braff

Doug Moore

Bounce Holland.

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