Mischievous bear cubs make their way onto golf course, tackling flagstick

It’s not uncommon for Western North Carolina residents to spot a black bear, or even some cubs, out in the wild or in a neighborhood.

But it’s not every day you get to see cubs on a golf course! Erin James shared a video to News 13’s Chime In that shows bear cubs in their element: playing around.

The video shows two of the three baby bears continuously wrestling with each other, while the third tries to take down one of the course’s flagsticks. Despite the cub’s best efforts, the pole just won’t seem to bend or break.

Wildlife experts urge anyone who witnesses or comes across a bear to keep their distance and not to try to interact with them.

“Don’t feed them, don’t treat them as pets and let them be wild animals,” Ashley Hobbs with the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission previously told News 13.

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