Cross Country Cycling Trip Now In Jeopardy After Charlotte Nurse’s Bike Is Stolen

A cross country cycling trip is now in jeopardy after a local nurses bike is stolen.

The Dilworth nursing couple was feeling the need for a break after working with Covid patients for the last year.

“We see a lot of suffering in the hospital. A lot of death with Covid,” said Ryan Thorne, “it feels rough watching people decline and feel like you can’t really help them like you would like to.”

Thorne and his wife Stephanie, who is also a nurse, have dealt with staff shortages, more patients, fear and Covid.

“More uncertain. A little more scary,” said Stephanie Thorne.

Their way of decompressing is hitting the road on their bikes. They go on month long, 2000 mile trek across mountainous regions.

Their latest adventure is set for early September. A ride along the continental divide, from Canada to Mexico.

“We have been planning this trip our whole life really. The last three months we’ve been trying to get our bikes prepared,” said Thorne.

Stephanie Thorne says the experience is unlike any other.

“It’s just been something that has brought us closer together and helped us realize how good people can be,” said Stephanie.

But this week there was a major setback.

“Yea my heart kind of sunk because we just did a practice ride this past weekend,” said Stephanie.

The lock to Ryan’s bike was cut in the basement of their Dilworth condo. The bike he had ridden more than 10,000 miles was now gone.

“To all of a sudden maybe not be able to do this trip is hard,” said Ryan.

For now, the trip is still planned and they’re hoping the bike will turn up or someone will step in to help.

“I’m still believing that we’re going to do it,” said Stephanie.

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