Afghanistan will have to allow girls to play Test cricket in Australia

Afghanistan could not play a Test against Australia on Australian soil last year due to Corona. Although late, the Afghans were waiting to fulfill that dream. But the country’s political transformation has once again turned that dream gray. The situation has changed overnight since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. Ahmadullah Wasiq, deputy head of the Taliban’s cultural commission, said in an interview that girls would not be allowed to play cricket.

Cricket Australia (CA) responded directly after hearing Wasik speak. The Australian Cricket Board has announced that the first Test between the two sides will be canceled in November if the Taliban do not allow women to play cricket. The match is scheduled to start on November 26 in Hobart, Tasmania.

Girls will not be able to play cricket in Afghanistan, if the media reports are true, we will have no choice but to cancel the Afghanistan Test in Hobart. Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia has clarified its position with a statement today. The statement highlighted the importance of CA girls’ cricket, saying, “The importance of spreading women’s cricket worldwide is immense to Cricket Australia. Our view of cricket is that it is everyone’s game. We are on the side of girls cricket at any level. ‘

Cricket Australia has since said what will happen if girls are not allowed to play cricket in Afghanistan. “We will have no choice but to cancel the Afghanistan Test in Hobart if the media reports are true,” she said.

The central government of Australia and the state government of Tasmania have previously expressed their concerns. Speaking at a state budget hearing on Monday, Tasmanian Prime Minister Gutwin said, “I am concerned about whether the state should host the match. We still have no idea what the future holds for girls in that country. ‘

Cricket Australia also made a statement at the time about girls ‘cricket, saying, “Cricket Australia sees itself in a leading role in spreading girls’ cricket globally. Our goal is to make cricket a sport for all. We want to give our full support to the boys and girls at every stage of this game. ‘

Ahmadullah Wasiq, deputy head of the Taliban’s cultural commission, told SBS News in Australia yesterday. “I don’t think girls should be allowed to play cricket,” she said. Because there is no need for girls to play cricket. ‘

Speaking on the establishment of Islamic rule in Afghanistan, Ahmadullah Wasik said, “Islam and the Islamic Emirate (Afghanistan) do not allow girls to play cricket or any sport where any part of their body is visible.”

Following Wasik’s remarks, Senator Richard Kolbeck, Australia’s Union Sports Minister, called on the ICC to speak out against the Taliban. He also urged the ICC to decide whether or not to remain a member of Afghanistan. The Australian minister said he had no problem accepting Afghans, but would not welcome anyone carrying a Taliban flag.

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