OBU announces 2021-22 basketball season ticket plans

The Oklahoma Baptist University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics recently announced updated pricing information for 2021-22 basketball season tickets.

Following the model recently put in place for 2021 football season tickets, the update provides tremendous new benefits to donors and season ticket holders by simplifying the ticket buying process, upgrading the donor experience, giving fans greater access to their accounts and making tickets more accessible and affordable.

As the department previously announced on April 12, the Stampede annual fund is once again the Bison Athletic Association (BAA). Along with the updated branding, OBU Athletics has eliminated required per seat contributions for season tickets. This change allows season tickets to be purchased without a donation, while donors who wish to receive game day benefits through their BAA membership can enjoy a 100% tax deduction on those gifts.

Additionally, the BAA benefits structure has been adjusted, consolidating membership levels and enhancing benefits. As noted above, the most significant change for donors is the announcement that gifts to the BAA will now be 100% tax-deductible and can be completed online at

Coinciding with the changes to the donor program, an updated pricing model has been adopted for basketball season tickets. With the elimination of required per seat donations, OBU Athletics has developed a new, simplified price structure that lowers the overall cost of reserved season tickets for Bison basketball.

For the 2021-22 season, lower level reserved chair back seating in Sections A-D (green seats) will be $100, while upper level reserved chair back seats (Sec. E) will be $75, plus applicable processing fees.

OBU faculty and staff who currently receive a discount on their basketball season tickets will receive additional information via email with specifics on how discounts will be applied in the new system.

Finally, the OBU Athletics Department has partnered with a new ticketing platform, Glitnir Ticketing, to provide enhanced customer service, as well as give fans more access to their ticket account. Additional instructions for logging in to view online accounts can be found at

In an effort to address frequently asked questions, the following information has been provided as a reference, outlining the impact of these changes, as well as offering specific examples of how the changes might impact individual season ticket holders. Additional details, including updated 2021-22 basketball renewal forms and BAA donation statements, will be mailed to current OBU basketball season ticket holders in August.

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