Master Panel make their picks for the Women’s Olympic Basketball Tournament

With not exactly seven days to go until the Women’s Olympic Basketball Tournament in Tokyo takes care of business, it’s the ideal opportunity for our master board to venture out and intensely make their expectations.

We have gone to a triplet of FIBA Media observers and requested that they make their picks. Azania Stewart knows what it resembles to play at the Olympics having addressed Great Britain at London 2012. Television Presenter Natalia Melendez is pulling for her darling Puerto Rico on their introduction and commentated for FIBA for the Olympic Qualifying Tournaments last year. In the interim, Jeff Taylor is the unbelievable ‘Voice of FIBA’ and has seen everything as the years progressed, having covered various releases of the Games.

Who will win everything and what will the platform resemble?

Azania Stewart: I truly might want to see another victor this year as far as it being somebody other than the stalwart top picks, USA. In any case, I would be a simpleton to wager against them. They will win it and I figure Serbia can make another Final and Nigeria could get a bronze.

Natalia Melendez: I see the USA winning gold since they are stacked with such countless set up stars. I don’t see numerous shortcomings, possibly just in a ‘zone safeguard circumstance’ however and, after its all said and done, they will most likely still have the shooters and the tallness to beat it. On account of Australia, they have a strong 5 starters, they are solid in the sheets (even without Liz Cambage) and they have Leilani Mitchel who is perhaps the best watchman in the competition, so I figure they can in any case make the Final. Japan most likely have the best mentor in Tom Hovasse. They are a group that shoots well indeed, is consistently fit as a fiddle and they are at home. Despite the fact that in case I am straightforward, I am truly placing them in third spot since I wish with my entire being that they can venture onto the platform and win that bronze decoration!

Jeff Taylor: It will take a fearless individual to pick somebody other than the USA to win it all since they have the best player ever in Diana Taurasi, the quintessential innovator in veteran Sue Bird, size in Sylvia Fowles, Brittney Griner, A’ja Wilson and Tina Charles, and the whiz all-rounder, Breanna Stewart. They have container heaps of involvement and coherence with different Olympic and FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup champs. The USA have additionally caught six – COUNT THEM – SIX – gold decorations in succession. I don’t consider this to be as top notch, however. Nigeria, Japan, Serbia, Australia and even Belgium could play alright to astound the USA on some random day, however I’m picking the Americans to guarantee a seventh gold in succession, with Belgium and Serbia asserting silver and bronze, separately.

Which group do you think could be a surprisingly strong contender and post a few amazements?

Azania Stewart: My surprisingly strong contender will be Nigeria as they have a forceful squeezing game that is extremely steady. Thus, if the karma is their ally, I truly figure they could get onto the platform and take a first-since forever Olympic award.

Natalia Melendez: I see Japan and regardless of whether they don’t have Ramu Tokashiki. I saw this group live in Ostend, Belgium last year at the FIBA Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament. I was totally astonished by their energy, their snappiness on the quick break, how their offense streamed and in those days, I thought they had some space to improve. I think they are prepared to show what they can do at home.

Jeff Taylor: This Olympic field is stacked more than ever with numerous groups holding onto sensible any expectations of making it to the platform. After their horrendous FIBA Women’s EuroBasket crusade, Spain can meet all requirements for being a surprisingly strong contender so I will say they get an opportunity of going on a run and trying for a platform finish.

Who do you think will be the top scorer in the competition?

Azania Stewart: This is a troublesome inquiry in light of the fact that there are so numerous capable ‘executioner scorers’, however my top scorer in the competition will be Emma Meesseman of Belgium.

Natalia Melendez: I think Breanna Stewart is prepared to put on an act and regardless of whether the USA are profound and share around the minutes, she can in any case be a main scorer.

Jeff Taylor: I believe Belgium’s do-everything, legend-in-the-production focus Emma Meesseman has an incredible shot at driving the competition in scoring.

Which player would you say you are generally eager to watch at the competition and why?

Azania Stewart: I’m a fanatic of players that fall off the seat and bring incredible energy, while additionally giving a major commitment to their group. Thus, I can hardly wait to see Nevena Jovanovic of Serbia, Maria Conde of Spain and Promise Amukamara of Nigeria

Natalia Melendez: I am anticipating considering Breanna To be as she can play at any level, against anyone and will overwhelm. Indeed, even with all their ability, the American unforeseen will for the most part go through her.

Jeff Taylor: I could name 20 players yet will select Nako Motohashi, the last MVP of the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup. She’s not the greatest player on the court at point monitor, yet plays at a particularly excited speed and is so viable, you can’t take your eyes off her.

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