For Jalen Johnson, The Word “Risk” Has Become Unavoidable

Here’s a San Antonio site asking the question: is Jalen Johnson worth the risk?

And what’s the risk?

It’s a tag on Johnson, whether it’s fair or not, that he’s not reliable, that he’s a quitter.

This is because he left Duke after just 13 games but remember that he also came to Durham with some of those same questions.

We all saw glimpses of brilliance, but we also saw erratic play and some softness.

There’s no question about his talent though. The guy is definitely gifted. But leaving Duke early may have caused him some problems. Even though the idea was to prep for the draft, the best way to make a case for yourself to be be valuable at draft time is lots of court time. And for 40+ years, Mike Krzyzewski has pushed and cajoled his players to play hard and strive for excellence.

It’s hard to make that case for Johnson, if only because no one has seen him do anything, and the sample size was inconsistent and until he proves he has the desire to excel, the questions are going to continue.

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