Davis School Board Approves Addition of Junior High Baseball Team

Oregon-Davis is adding a junior high baseball team. The new team was approved by the school board Monday, at the recommendation of Superintendent Bill Bennett.

“I personally feel this is a great opportunity for our high school baseball team, to have a feeder system for that team,” he said. “We do have a lot of kids who play ball in Hamlet and whatnot, and I think that’s great. But I think an organized junior high baseball team would be a good opportunity not only to get kids ready, but just another thing to get kids active.”

Bennett said the plan is for the team to play in the spring, to avoid conflicting with soccer and to let them get the program up and running this school year. That would also mean that most of the competition would likely be in the South Bend area. He said the coaching position could be filled as part of the collective bargaining process for this year’s teacher contracts.

School Board President Kyle Hinds felt the new program would fill the gap between the Hamlet Baseball League, which goes up to age 13, and the high school team.

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